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Company Profile

Address 1-9-29, Senbahigashi, Mino-city, Osaka 562-0035 JAPAN
Phone +81-72-729-8382 FAX +81-72-729-8387
Tokyo Branch Office Suginami-ku, Tokyo 166-0012 JAPAN
URL Industrial consumable materials / Teaching materials for medical education
Business Category Medical educational models manufacturing
Export and Import business / Wholesale dealing
Textile goods manufacturing
Sales Range Medical supplies,devices
Specimen for School Education
Industrial Materials
Textile goods
Suppliers USA, Germany, Hong-Kong, Korea, Taiwan, Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam,China

Corporate Identity

corporate identity

I am often asked why I named the company, “Mitaka“ (literally means “three heights”). I like the number three because it is well-balanced.

For example, three points are always on the same plane. Four or more points are not necessarily so. If one of the four legs of a table is 1 cm shorter than the others, the table will be wobbly. On the other hand, a three-legged table is always steady.

As our corporate name implies, we strive to make our company well-balanced by achieving higher customer satisfaction in the following three areas: quality, service, and development power.

CEO Keisuke Abe

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1-9-29, Senbahigashi, Mino-city, Osaka 562-0035 JAPAN
Phone +81-72-729-8382 FAX +81-72-729-8387
Parking lot available for visitors.
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