M200-1・M200-2 Female/Male Catheterization & Enema Simulator
(M200-1 Male Catheterization & Enema Simulator is coming soon.)

Catheterization and enema practice can be carried out using a single model.

Zero urine leakage
after pulling out the catheter.
Training by Lateral position
in glycerine enema application
is also possible.
Improved durability by updated materials.
Fastest for cleaning up.
Item no. M200-1 (Female) ・ M200-2 (Male)
Dimension W56×D42×H34cm
Weight About 5.5kg
Accessories Simulated soft stools (yellowish-brown), simulated soft stool mixing container, simulated soft stool stirring rod, tray, replacement non-return valve (×2), bottle (1L), bottle stand, balloon catheter 16 Fr, Nelaton catheter 8EG special lubricant, baby powder, storage case
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