M193-1Training phantom for ultrasonic observation
of tissue damage DTI training set

Training for understanding a variety of different bed sore types at two points where DTI can easily occur and operation of ultrasonograph equipment 

Mild bed sore: edema and hypoechoic areas

Observing features such as loss of superficial fascia, localized areas of low brightness, and the location and depth of abnormal findings make it possible to confirm mild bed sore at category/stage I to II.

Item no. M193-1
Dimension Sacral blocks W180×D160×H55 、Greater trochanter blocks W160×D60 ×H55
Weight Main body unit 1.7kg、Sacral blocks Set of 5 types / Weight 6.5kg、 Greater trochanter blocks Set of 5 types / Weight 4.2kg
Accessories Baby powder
Supervision Department of Gerontological Nursing / Wound Care Management, Division of Health Sciences and Nursing, Graduate School of Medicine, University of Tokyo Professor Hiromi Sanada and Professor Koichi Yabunaka
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