M191-1Sakamoto Cardiotocograph Simulator 2

Practice for non-stress test using cardiotocograph

You can measure the body of 39th week of pregnancy.
Soft body for palpation. Setting 39 week fetus on four presentation positions are possible.
Securing the pelt for transducer.When the Doppler transducer is secured correctly, the three kinds* of heartbeat can be heard from the box. When the labor transducer is secured correctly, the lamp on the box illuminates. *Normal, or tachycardiac or bradycardiac
Four types of wave pattern can be practiced.Recording paper which size is 15×60cm can be inserted into the special box. *Normal, tachycardiac, bradycardiac or transient bradycardiac.
Item no. M191-1
Dimension W96×D40×H32cm
Weight About 10 kg
Accessories Fetus (for palpation), Simulation Doppler transducer (×1), Simulation labor transducer (×1), Doppler transducer fixing belt (×1), Labor transducer fixing belt (×1), Baby powder, Foetal cushion, Simulation recording paper (4 types), AAA batteries (×4), Storage bag
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