Aged Simulation Suit 2

Teaching material for experiencing physical change which cause of aiging. Step-limiting belt added! Renewal of goggles.

Item No. / Size M176-6 (S size), M176-7 (M size), M176-8 (L size), M176-9 (LL size)
Weights About 7kg
Accessories Special goggles (1 pair), Ear plug (40 pieces), Gloves (10 Pairs), Weight ankle (4 pieces), Weight wrist (4 pieces), Cane (1 piece), Storage bag (1 piece), Belt cover (100 pieces)
Note S size/Green, M size/Pink, L size/Blue, LL size/Green

Conventional Model
M176-0 S size
M176-1 M size
M176-2 L size
M176-3 LL size
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