- Nursing Training Manikin

A beautiful adult woman Manikin with soft texture facilitates various nursing practice.

* Intravenous injection practice can be practiced by using included "Veinmate" 2

Simulated gastric fistula catheter
You can practice taping training
by using this tape
Item no. M102
Height 160cm
Weight About 17kg
Material Silicone
Accessories Wig for shampoo, Pajamas, Lubricant oil, Baby powder, Catheters, "Veinmate" 2,Simulated gastric fistula catheter ,Exclusive tape, Simulated tracheal cannula
Practice Posture change,Intramuscular injection,Intravenous injection/Blood sampling,Oral hygiene,Gastrostomy care,Central venous nutrition,Stoma care,Tracheotomy care,Changing pajamas,Transportation,Bed bath,Suctioning,Urinary catheterization,Nutrition(oral/nasal) ,Enema administration,Manual disimpaction,Intestine lavage/Gastric lavage,Assisting excertion,Restriction,Fomentation,Bandaging,Shampoo
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