Laboratory Mouse Model Simulator

mimicky mouse

  • Retention
  • Oral Administration
  • Caudal Vein Administration
  • Intraperitoneal Administration (only Retention)

Training for handling living mouse and procedure.

Mouse Simulator Based on Principles of 3R

mimicky mouse

Moving image manual
for Mimicky® Mouse

  1. 1.Retention
  2. 2.Oral Administration
  3. 3.Caudal Vein Administration
  4. 4.Intraperitoneal Administration
  5. 5.Insertion Method of Tail
  6. 6.Removing method of Tail

Principles of 3R

  1. ReplacementReplace the use of animals
  2. ReductionMinimise the number of animals used
  3. RefinementMinimise animal suffering


Main Body of Mimicky® Mouse About L70mm*H39mm*W31mm/25g 1 unit
Tail of Mimicky® Mouse About 130mm (Exposed part 110mm)/3g 1 unit
Main Body and Tail Gross Weight 28g -
Baby Powder 100g 1 bottle
Exclusive Lubricant Oil 100ml 1 bottle
Manual 8 pages 1 copy
Practice Retention, Oral Administration, Caudal Vein Administration and Intraperitoneal Administration (only Retention) 1 copy

*This product is packed in exclusive box.

*When you use, you need to attach a tail by yourself.

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