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Class 100 clean room
Nitrile gloves
No addition of titanium oxide
Strong grip nitrile gloves

Clear grip Class 100

No addition of titanium oxide Class 100 Whitish translucent
Clear grip Class 100

Significant reduction of NVR elution *NVR = Nonvolatile residue

In general, nitrile gloves tend to cause NVR elution in the presence of deionized water, IPA, or chemicals such as hexane. In the use of “clear grip” gloves, NVR elution has been reduced significantly by special processing.

Strong grip, excelling in softness and flexibility

With excellent softness and flexibility, it is less tiring in a long period of work.
With micro-embossing at the fingertips, it catches and keeps the handled object securely.

Appropriate for use in a Class 100 clean room

Rinsed in ultrapure water. With a double pack adopted for every 100 pieces, they can be carried into a Class 100 clean room while maintaining their cleanliness. They are most effective in sites where products that cannot be exposed to dust are handled.

Ambidextrous type, which is easy to manage and store

Ambidextrous type, which can be worn without care. It is easy to manage and store and highly helpful to the site in terms of cost.

●Overview and specifications

Product number ordered GN09
Material Nitrile rubber
Size XS・S・M・L・XL
Thickness Finger/0.19・palm/0.20・cuff/0.18
Minimum lot 1000 pieces/case (1 size) =
100 pieces/bag (double pack) × 10
Customized delivery is available based on your requirements.

Please consult our specialist for other requests and details.

Sales of types supporting Class 1000 and lower
(No gamma ray irradiation,
short type)
Change in minimum shipment quantity
Consult a specialist.

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