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Class 100 clean room
Thick type ambidextrous
High-strength grip latex gloves

MITAKA Clean Class 100

Class 100 Ambidextrous Reduced protein type
MITAKA Clean Class 100

Appropriate for use in a Class 100 clean room

Rinsed in ultrapure water. With a double pack adopted for every 100 pieces, they can be carried into a Class 100 clean room while maintaining their cleanliness. They are most effective in sites where dust must not be present.

Strong grip that does not slip even on wet objects

It is optimal for work that requires gripping strength. It will keep with its characteristic gripping strength even when the object handled is wet. It is effective in sites where heavy objects that tend to slip are handled.
It is a popular glove, regardless of whether it is used inside or outside a clean room.

0.19 mm thickness, resistant to tearing

It is optimal in work where gloves tend to be damaged, such as machine cleaning, minimizing the number of replacements and reducing unnecessary work.

Ambidextrous type, which is easy to manage and store

Ambidextrous type, which can be worn without care. It is easy to manage and store and convenient for users in terms of cost.

●Overview and specifications

Product number ordered G03MC
Material Latex rubber
Size XS・S・M・L・XL
Thickness Finger/0.19・palm/0.20・cuff/0.18
Minimum lot 1000 pieces/case (1 size) =
100 pieces/bag (double pack) × 10
Customized delivery is available based on your requirements.

Please consult our specialist for other requests and details.

Sales of types supporting Class 1000 and lower
(No gamma ray irradiation,
short type)
Change in minimum shipment quantity
Consult a specialist.

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